OP Elementary

Octave Park Elementary covers the elementary musical principles of rhythm, harmony, and melody and also offers resources for music listening, reading, and practice.

Chapter 1

The first chapter of Octave Park™ Elementary helps students to understand and find the center of pulse, known as the beat, and the center of pitch, known as the key.

Chapter 2

The second chapter of Octave Park™ Elementary explores the concepts of rhythm and meters and offers practical rhythmic patterns to apply to piano, guitar, and drums.

Chapter 3

The third chapter of Octave Park™ Elementary explores the concepts of harmony and chords and offers common harmonic progressions to apply to piano, guitar, and harmonica.

Chapter 4

The fourth chapter of Octave Park™ Elementary explores the concepts of melody and scales and offers useful melodic paths to apply to piano, guitar, harmonica, and voice.

The Methods chapter of Octave Park™ Elementary provides students with information specific to various instruments. There are over 100 full-screen images of color-coded chord and scale charts for piano, guitar, and harmonica. The Recorder method includes color-coded musical notation and accompaniment.

The Resources chapter of Octave Park™ Elementary offers tips for music listening and reading. Links are provided for Octave Park™ custom playlists for listening enjoyment and exploration of musical concepts, appropriate for all ages and in a variety of genres. Listen to these tracks on Spotify® playlists or download them from iTunes®.