OP for All

The Octave Park™ Music Education Series is designed for maximum practical use for Students, Parents, and Teachers.


Students enjoy the straightforward, no-nonsense text. Today’s students are busier than ever and are accustomed to getting information as quickly as they want. The Octave Park™ Music Education Series presents music theory in a way that students can learn new concepts and quickly get to the fun part — applying this knowledge to practice and performance.


Parents appreciate the wholistic approach of the Octave Park™ Music Education Series. Music theory is presented in a way that emphasizes music’s innate importance as both an Art and a Science. Vocabulary and comprehension skills are strengthened by reading through the chapters and glossary terms, while math concepts are described within the text and can be seen in the many diagrams.


Teachers benefit from the convenience of having a portable textbook which can be easily projected onto a screen or television. The Octave Park™ Music Education Series uses audio examples that can be played directly from the pages and sound great when connected to your favorite sound system. Octave Park™ makes the abstract concepts in music more concrete so you can focus on making music with your students.